Cat Jigsaw Puzzles

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Cat Jigsaw Puzzles

Most people love a jigsaw. And this page is a cornucopia of cute, funny, pretty, and more cat jigsaw puzzles gift ideas For all ages. Doing a jigsaw is relaxing and can almost put you into a meditative state, which is very healthy for you.

Interestingly, Jigsaw puzzle pieces were first used as a symbol for autism in 1963 by the United Kingdom’s National Autistic Society. The organization chose jigsaw pieces for their logo to represent the “puzzling” nature of autism and the inability to “fit in” due to social differences, and also because jigsaw pieces were recognizable and otherwise unused. Puzzle pieces have since been incorporated into the logos and promotional materials of many organizations, including the Autism Society of America and Autism Speaks. [via]

Below is a lovely, wide selection of themed cat jigsaw puzzles. There is sure to be a style perfect for what you want. A fantastic gift idea for the elderly cat lover, children, or any age really. I hope you choose a gorgeous at themed jigsaw puzzle to keep your entertained for many relaxing hours.

Blue Jeans Kitten PuzzleBlue Jeans Kitten

Ragdoll Birman Cat in Flowers PuzzleRagdoll Birman Cat in Flowers

Kittens Photo PuzzleTwo Cute Kittens Photo

Orange cat jigsaw puzzleOrange and White cat

Banjo Tom Jigsaw PuzzleDancing Banjo Tom

Kitten In Wildflowers Photo Puzzle with Gift BoxKitten In Wildflowers Photo Puzzle with Gift Box

Siamese Kitten PuzzleSiamese Kittens

Tortoiseshell and White Cat Jigsaw PuzzleTortoiseshell and White Cat

beautiful playful cat puzzlePlayful Kitten

Mario Jigsaw PuzzleMario Retro Black Cat

pussycat and pussywillow jigsaw puzzlePussycat and Pussy Willow

Tuxedo Cat 11x14 Photo Puzzle with Gift BoxTuxedo Cat Photo Puzzle with Gift Box


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Cat and Her Kittens PuzzleCat and Her Kittens

Birthday Cat

Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Jigsaw PuzzleAlice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat

Maine Coon Cat in Forest Jigsaw PuzzleMaine Coon Cat in Forest

Siberian Tiger Jigsaw PuzzleSiberian Tiger

Orange Tabby Cat Jigsaw PuzzleOrange Tabby Cat

Kittens PuzzleFour Cuddly Kittens

Tabby Cats Jigsaw PuzzleTwo Tabby Cats

Cute Cat With Pink Heart Background Jigsaw PuzzleCute Cat With Pink Heart Background

Siberian Cat Jigsaw PuzzleSiberian Cat

Jigsaw Puzzle: Funny Cat wrapped in Blankets Jigsaw PuzzleFunny Cat wrapped in Blankets

Calico Cat Jigsaw PuzzleCalico Cat

Sassy Black Cat Jigsaw PuzzleSassy Black Cat

Cool Cat Jigsaw PuzzleCool Cat

'Fascination' cat and butterfly jigsaw puzzle‘Fascination’ cat and butterfly

Jigsaw Puzzle of two cats togetherTwo cats together

11x14 Photo Jigsaw Fierce Cat Jigsaw PuzzleGrey and White Cat

The Cat Before Christmas Jigsaw PuzzleThe Cat Before Christmas

Cheshire Cat Jigsaw PuzzleCheshire Cat

GREEN-EYED CAT Jigsaw Puzzle Louis Wain's CatsGREEN-EYED CAT

KITTY TEA PARTY, Jigsaw Puzzle Louis Wain's CatsKITTY TEA PARTY – Louis Wain’s Cats

CATS SINGING Jigsaw Puzzle, Louis Wain's Cats Jigsaw PuzzleCATS SINGING Louis Wain’s Cats

Ragdoll Cat Jigsaw Jigsaw PuzzlePretty Ragdoll Cat

Vintage Cute Cat Kitten Photo, Jigsaw PuzzleVintage Cute Cat Kitten Photo



Wild African Cheetah on Savannah PuzzleWild African Cheetah on Savannah

beautiful long haired cat jigsaw puzzlebeautiful long haired cat

big kitten little kitten jigsaw puzzlebig kitten little kitten

Black Cat Jigsaw PuzzleBlack Cat

Kittens Game PuzzleKittens Game

Cute Maine Coon Kitten Cat Flowers - Game Jigsaw Jigsaw PuzzleCute Maine Coon Kitten in Flowers

Beautiful Yellow Cat Jigsaw PuzzleBeautiful Orange Cat

Siamese Cat Jigsaw PuzzleSiamese Cat

Adorable Cute Cat Pets Animal Jigsaw PuzzleCalico Persian Cat


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