Halloween Cats Postage Stamps

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Halloween Cats Postage Stamps

Black Cats, pumpkins and witches! What would Halloween be without them? Choose Halloween cats postage stamps to brighten the season.

Black cats are a classic Halloween symbol. It began back with the Pilgrims in the Plymouth colony. The Puritan Pilgrims were wary of anything to do with witches and sorcery, and that of course included black cats. The Pilgrims actively persecuted black cats. It even became a practice to burn black cats on Shrove Tuesday to protect people’s homes from fire.

Once the anti-witch zeal had subsided in the colonies, black cats were completely cemented in popular legend right alongside witches.

So now you know a little of the background of black cats and Halloween, get in the mood with these cute and creepy cats postage stamps for Halloween. They make a great decoration for any mail or gifts you are sending out around Halloween!

Autumn Magica Fantasy Halloween Witch and Cat PostageAutumn Fantasy Halloween Witch and Cat

"HalloweenJack O Lanterns and Black Cats Vintage

Halloween Play large sized Postage StampsHalloween Play

Halloween Witch and Black Cat Postage StampsHalloween Witch and Black Cat

Halloween Cats Postage StampsHalloween Postage Stamp

Halloween Play small sized StampHalloween Play

Cat on the Piano Keys StampCat on the Piano Keys Stamp

Halloween Cats Postage Stamps - Black CatsBlack Halloween Cats

Siamese Seal Point Crosswalk Off-Leash Art™ PostageSiamese Crosswalk Art™

Halloween Cats Postage Stamps - Black Cat LeafBlack Cat & Leaf Stamps

Calico Cat Fairy Cats Leaves Fall Autumn Art Posta Postage StampsCalico Cat Leaves Fall Autumn

Halloween Cats Postage Stamps - 1st BirthdayHalloween Kitty 1st Birthday

Flying Witch Harvest Moon Bats Halloween Gifts Postage StampsFlying Witch Harvest Moon Bats Stamps

Old Fashioned Merry Halloween Cat Postage StampOld Fashioned Merry Halloween Cat

Witch at Halloween Night Postage StampWitch at Halloween Night

Cat And Scarecrow Halloween PostageCat And Scarecrow Halloween

Halloween StampHalloween Stamp

Trick or Treat (v.2) - Halloween PostageTrick or Treat Halloween

Black Halloween Cat with Skull PostageBlack Halloween Cat with Skull

Magical Black Cat Halloween PostageMagical Black Cat Halloween


White Halloween cat small sized PostageWhite Halloween cat

Black Cats Halloween Party Invitation StampsBlack Cats Halloween Party Invite

Black Cat Halloween StampBlack Cat Halloween Stamp

Vintage Halloween Cats and Jack O'Lantern Postage StampVintage Halloween Cats and Jack O’Lantern

Patchwork Pumpkin, Black Cats, Halloween StampPatchwork Pumpkin, Black Cats

halloween cat stamphalloween cat stamp

Vintage Halloween Pumpkins Cats and Witches Postage StampsVintage Halloween Pumpkins Cats and Witches

Halloween Cat Postage StampsHappy Halloween Cat

Diamond Cat StampDiamond Cat Stamp

Vintage Halloween Pumpkin & Cat in Mosaic StampsVintage Halloween Pumpkin & Cat

Vintage Halloween Cute Witch Broom Cat Customized Postage StampsVintage Halloween Witch Broom CatPostage Stamps

Vintage Halloween Cat PostageVintage Halloween Cat

Festive Reindeer Cat Christmas PostageFestive Reindeer Cat Christmas

Green-eyed Cat With Pumpkin, StampGreen-eyed Cat With Pumpkin

Halloween Black Cat and Pumpkins Card PostageHalloween Black Cat and Pumpkins Card

halloween black cat postage stampshalloween black cat postage stamps

Cat Eyes, Black and Yellow Stare StampCat Eyes, Black and Yellow Stare Stamp

Cat in Pumpkin Patch Postage StampsCat in Pumpkin Patch Stamps

Grim Reaper With His Black Cats StampGrim Reaper With His Black Cats Stamp

Halloween Pumpkin & Cat StampHalloween Pumpkin & Cat Stamp

Autumn Bounty Postage StampAutumn Bounty Postage Stamp

Cat in Pumpkin Vintage Halloween Postage StampsCat in Pumpkin Vintage Halloween

Halloween postage stamps,witch,black,cat,batsWitch black cat bats


Keep Your Cat Stamps Tidy

Now, here is a really nice way to keep cats postage stamps stamps tidy and easy to use…

And these cat themed stamp boxes would make a lovely gift, too.

Vintage Halloween Black Cat Witch Hat Pumpkin Baby Gift BoxVintage Halloween Gift Box

Halloween Cat Gift BoxHalloween Cat Gift Box

Black Halloween Cat with Skull Keepsake BoxBlack Halloween Cat

The Day of The Dead Cute Cat Keepsake BoxThe Day of The Dead Cat

Fat Cat Gift Box Cute Black Cat Jewelry Box GiftBlack Cat Box Gift

Autumn is the Cat's Meow Gift BoxAutumn is the Cat’s Meow


I hope you found a great choice in some or these Halloween cats postage stamps. Your friends and family will be enchanted to receive your thoughful mail this year.


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