Maneki Neko Mugs

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Maneki Neko Mugs.

As a bringer of good fortune, wealth and happiness – the Maneki Neko mugs make an ideal gift for almost anyone. Always a great stand-by when you are stuck for any ideas of what gift to give, mugs are usually a most welcome addition to any home.

Here on this page is a range of adorable Maneki Neko mugs that are available at Zazzle.

Choose Your Mug Style And Color

Click on any image to go to the page, where you can choose from different mug styles and colors and even add your own special text message onto the mugs.

Lucky Cat Maneki Neko

Lucky Cat Maneki-neko

Good Luck Waving Cats Group

Fancy Lucky Cat

Peace Lucky Cat

Cute Maneki Neko Lucky Cat

Black Maneki Neko


Gold Lucky Cat

Maneki Neko Mug Lucky Cat

Japan Lucky Cat Mug

The Marigolds Are Lucky Today

Yellow Lucky Cat Coffee Mug

Cat Neko Mug

Maneki Neko Lucky Cat White Mug

Gold Maneki Neko Lucky Kitty

Japanese Good Luck Beckoning Cat Coffee Mugs
Japanese Good Luck Beckoning Cat

Lucky Cat Mug Black Cat
Lucky Cat Mug Black Cat

White Japanese Manekineko Coffee Mug
White Japanese Manekineko


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